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Bargain Made Easy with Botox in Las Vegas

Botox is never easy, though the procedure in itself is a minor one. Deciding to get Botox and then finding the right person to do it is a humongous task. With so many choices available, it can look scary, but we have made things easier for you. First off, Las Vegas is the place to get it done, no kidding!

Las Vegas is commonly associated with casinos and a ‘Hangover-esque’ night, but in reality, it is a heaven for Botox treatment. We have rounded up a few of the best spas and clinics in Las Vegas that provide amazing Botox treatments and are equally easy on your pocket!

Advanced Aesthetics

Advanced Aesthetics is a well known med spa in Las Vegas. It is run by board-certified plastic surgeons and certified aesthetic nurses, which says a lot about the spa itself. Using innovative techniques and providing high quality care, it has created a niche for itself. Most importantly, it is not hard on your pocket. Besides Botox treatments, dermal fillers and chemical peels are also available. The staff is friendly and ready to assist you at all times.

Flawless Aesthetics by Melanie Speed RN

Melanie Speed is a certified aesthetic nurse and has over 20 years of experience in nursing. Providing the best quality of treatment and care is her top priority and it shows in her flawless work.

Using updated techniques, she has created quite a niche for herself. Botox is one of the most popular treatments over here and a detailed pre and post- Botox session is conducted to ensure patient satisfaction. And it is a bargain, as it is not too pricey!

Symmetry Medical Spa

Symmetry Medical Spa is all about providing high- quality services in an amicable environment. Their expert staff is always ready to help you out regarding the treatments they provide. They also have a wide range of treatments. From beauty treatments to massages and from chemical peels to Botox, they have everything covered! Botox is moderately priced at 12$ per unit. Besides Botox, Dysport is also available at a rate of 4.40$ per unit. So it is a win-win situation for you!

New Image Advanced Laser Skin Center

New Image Advanced Laser Skin Center is run by an experienced team of Medical Aestheticians and trained Laser technicians under the supervision of Dr. Mall. They have been the fore-runners of medical cosmetics in Las Vegas for the past ten years. Maintaining youthful look of their patients is a top priority.

They offer a wide range of quick and effective treatments, including Botox. The staff is professional and equally hands-on to make it a comfortable experience!

Choosing the Right Place for Botox Can Be a Mean Feat, but We Hope That with Our List, You’ll Find the Best Place to Be At!