The Don’ts of Letting Her Down Gently

There is no perfect way to let down a woman that you don’t like. If you have already planned to let a woman down, be prepared for an emotionally broken woman. No woman or man takes it lightly when you give them the boot.

You may have already been told by your friends and family on how to let her down gently. But has anyone told you the ‘Don’t dos’ of letting her down?

We have compiled a list of don’t dos that you must make sure you never do when you set out to let her down after dating.

Don’t go on flattering on her

When letting her down, don’t start with the typical flatter her into believing that she was okay but everything was wrong with you. She will only take this as chance of clinging on to you. If you tell her that she was perfect but you were the one who was wrong and that you think this will not work out well for both of you, she will start insisting that there’s still a chance where she can convert your feelings.

Be straight and send off a solid message saying that its over from now on. Don’t leave any kind of hope for her to cling on to otherwise she will never let you go and will keep coming back to you to try again.

Never be cruel to her

Whatever you do, don’t turn into a cruel being no matter how much she puts you off. We know that if someone becomes persistent, you tend to overreact and become cruel to them so you can instantly ward them off from your life.

The thing you want to do here is leave the situation in all positivity. So in order to do that, remain calm and break the news and be ready to fight back with logic and reasoning. She will probably go into an emotional wreck when you start on the subject, just make sure not to turn into a bad guy who loathes her.

Don’t put the blame on someone else

Don’t try to bring anyone into this. You may think bringing someone into the fry is the best way to let her go, but you are actually giving her a chance to include that person into this ordeal. If she finds out that you were making things up, you’re going to be in a lot more trouble than you were. Its best to be honest and tell her how you feel instead of blaming her.

Be a man

Last thing you want to make sure is that you are honest, straight forward, to the point and strong when it comes to breaking up with her. You should be prepared to face the very worst side of her because when you break off the news, she is going to go into a complete emotional meltdown where she will not only say things to you but will also make it tough for you to get out of the situation. So be prepared to handle her.

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